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Efficient Protected Power 
Breathing Life into the IoT, one nanoAmp at a time. 

GLF Integrated Power, Inc. is a Silicon Valley, California Semiconductor Company. Founded in 2013, we provide breakthrough, ultra-efficient, ultra-small, silicon power control and protection IC. 

We launched our first IQSmartTM, ultra-efficient loadswitch device in 2015 and achieved immediate design wins at major wearable, SSD, and portable device manufacturers. Our portfolio is now actively expanding.

Our team has a history and track record of leading in power and analog design. When the IoT, ultra-portable, and wearable revolution was starting, we saw the need for a new generation of even more efficient power switch devices. This was when GLF Integrated Power was born. We developed new IP and together, we enable effective, efficient, and differentiated power management solutions that are both cost effective and simple to design with.